I’m Annmarie! The founder of Cityhouse Collective. I’m a small business just like you, deep in the trenches.

And if you’re feeling like you need to grow from your home based business I think what we’ve created here is just the right size for you…

It’s been ten years of running a family photography business and there was a time I became stuck. Stuck without options. And while my business was growing, I began to also outgrow my business all in the same scope. The one missing piece I needed was a professional environment. You see, working from home isn’t as glamorous as people think and if you’ve found yourself here… I know you have likely figured that out by now. And yes working out of your PJ’s has it’s benefits from time to time. But like many, I longed for the days I could get dressed up again, have chats with colleagues in real life not over a screen, have a meeting place for clients where I didn’t have to kick the family out of the house for hours and collaborate on fresh ideas with someone other than a toddler. Over the years I tried to remedy that problem in many ways. Book venue space, rent office space, sit at coffee shops, cop a hot seat at any open coworking space I could find. Just so I could separate my two lives and have some normalcy and my version of balance. Through my search for a place where I could work and shoot, nothing felt quite right or suitable. Too noisy, no character, not enough flexibility, no photography studio, no privacy, no people to connect to in real life… this rubix cube I kept turning to find the right combination was beginning to seem unsolvable. This is where the visualization of a place for independent businesses with the same road blocks as mine came to be reality in Cityhouse. Just like the perfect house, I knew this was it- this was going to be a future “home” for someone and their business.

Cityhouse Collective was created for the entrepreneurs that are building and growing their business, giving them a place to call their own at an affordable cost while having the opportunity to defeat work isolation through being a part of a community. It’s everything in one place that offers the flexibility, consistency and the atmosphere your clients will love- making it a lovely home for a business with a support system that inspires, promotes growth and fosters productivity.